New September Products

2015 Sep 28 2623

We are glad to inform you that the whole month of work was very fruitful for our team!

We have not only released new products, but have also worked on updating the mobile app! However our team does not stop, we keep on working diligently to create new products, update existing ones, and also plan to expand the list of services.

At the moment you can find four new products on our website:

Member Map plugin allows to view a map with the location of your users on your website. Your users will be displayed on Google map according to the country, city and location profile fields. Users are shown on the map with markers that contain the users' photo and location. Easy to use and simple interface!

Scroll To Top widget is a simple button for your website, but it is very comfortable. Just imagine how much information can be on the same page and you always want to scroll it to the end! And now scroll back to the top again!? It takes a long time and you will have to endlessly scroll the mouse wheel until your fingers get tired. And this widget is created for your convenience. You can install it on your website and instantly go to top of the page in seconds by simply clicking on it. You can choose the location and design of the button to your taste.

Activity Feed Autoload widget emulates Facebook "auto-load-more" feature. It is a good tool which helps you to look through more information on any activity feed of your website without clicking the View More button!

Our new Admin Tools plugin is a reliable and useful tool for advanced administrators which helps you to manage the database, to work with different types of files directly in the admin panel of your website. Three features are integrated into the plugin: File Manager, DB Manager, DB Storage.

  • With the help of File Manager you can easily manage different kinds of files. It is possible to edit, copy, move, delete, download and upload files. It is also capable of working with archives and searching files through the whole file system of the website.
  • DB Manager is a tool for database management.
  • DB Storage is a perfect tool to create a backup of MySQL database and to restore the database from a backup. It is easy to use and works quickly with a large number of databases.

Don't forget, that you have a chance to participate in the creation of the last Product X. The special continues during all autumn from September to November!

The most interesting idea will certainly be applied and we will release your Product X. The author of the most interesting idea will get a reward - 70% discount on any product from the Marketplace, or the Product X completely free of charge. The choice is yours! Also at the end of the offer, all participants will receive coupons for 10-20% discount on our products from the Marketplace.

You can make your suggestions on our website by clicking the following link. Looking forward to your suggestions!

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