SocialEngine 4.8.10 Spring Updates

2016 Apr 19 2926

It's a middle of the spring, friends! Everything flows, everything changes and it's time to wake up after a long winter's nap. And while some might still be sleeping the days away, we've been active as grizzly bears working untiringly on our Marketplace!

Celebrating release of a new 4.8.10 version of Social Engine, we've updated our products and fixed some slight bugs.

We've added an updated flash animation file to our Dynamic Member Cloud widget.

CSS bugs have been fixed in the following themes:

  • FB Facebook style Theme
  • Pintheme for SocialEngine PHP
  • SocialPlus Premium Theme

PHP Shortcodes have been deleted from Pintheme for SocialEngine PHP, SocialPlus Premium Theme, Simple Marketplace, Welcome Page, Welcome Popup.

Though the sky is the limit, friends, and there's much more coming up!

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us by clicking the following link.

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