How to Install SEM Products

2016 Sep 15 4003

We strive to make your experience with us as comfortable and convenient as possible. That’s why we’ve prepared a set of video tutorials with the help of which all actions you might need to perform on our site will cause no difficulties.

Our first lesson is about installation. In today’s busy world every minute is worth its weight in gold, we are always in action and sometimes just don’t notice even obvious things. Installation process of our products and social engine add ons is easy as piece of cake and to save a bit of your time we offer you to watch the following video about it.

Brief view:

First you need to extract your files from the zip file you’ve downloaded. Extraction will give you installation instruction html file and a tar file you will install in your Admin panel. Below you’ll see an example of such installation instruction html file.

  1. Go to Admin Panel;
  2. Go to Manage → Packages & Plugins and click Install New Packages;
  3. On Install Packages page click Add Packages link, choose the necessary file and follow installation instructions;
  4. When you get to the Update Database stage click “Enter the following information” link;
  5. Enter the email and password of your SEM account;
  6. The product have appeared in the list of Packages;
  7. There you go!

So if you are having trouble with installation process, such as extracting files or license key this video will help and only takes 2 minutes.

So long, till our next lesson friends!


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