Codeigniter Development Services

Codeigniter Development Services

A team of highly experienced PHP developers proudly represents SocialEngineMarket as a noted CodeIgniter development company for your result-oriented projects.

Being one of the most well-known open-source frameworks, CodeIgniter is confidently leading the industry due to its fast speed, flexibility, smart structure and multiple dynamic features.

All websites and applications we develop on CodeIgniter framework presuppose effective and smooth performance. Various advantages of this powerful platform include a set of irreplaceable features that allow our developers to create clean and secure dynamic websites and applications for your venture.

Using CodeIgniter framework we accomplished various tasks for businesses and startups as well, among which e-commerce projects, sites for enterprises, social networks, customization and migration of existing web applications, and other.

CodeIgniter important benefits

MVC development pattern base
Multiple platforms support
Various useful classes
A lot of in-built libraries
SEO-friendly URLs
Data encryption
Security and XSS Filtering
Error logging
and much more!


Our main CodeIgniter development services

CodeIgniter contains an extensive set of in-built libraries that help to cope with a vast deal of complex functionalities and speed up the overall dev process. This far reaching framework is considered one of the best PHP tools for web app creation. Our CodeIgniter services are aimed to empower your business and its web appearance.

As a CodeIgniter framework development company we can serve you with the following work

CodeIgniter web development

Our PHP professionals have an impressive experience working with different frameworks, which allows us to guarantee you top-notch web solutions accomplished on schedule.

CodeIgniter ecommerce solutions

Due to agileness of this reliable framework, in hands of our skilled coders a fast creation of full-featured ecommerce websites becomes very real.

CodeIgniter website development

Robust structure and simple interface of the framework create a great base for our talented CI developers to build a unique and highly-performing website just for you.

CodeIgniter customization & upgrade

Take an advantage of a great number of CodeIgniter web development solutions we offer, and enjoy the flawless and fast upgrade or modification of your website.

CodeIgniter app migration

Special CI migration aspect allows our coders to implement fast and seamless transfer from one server to another for you.

CodeIgniter Design & Integration

Attract more visitors to your site, with the help of beautiful theme created by our skilled designers and smoothly integrated by our developers team.

Despite the short period of existence CodeIgniter has proved itself as a stable and rich framework. The advantages of using it are numerous. In a way it is so popular due to being easy to modify, lightweight and secure. This popularity is followed by a huge community of enthusiasts who actively support and improve the framework, that leads us to believe in high potential and bright future of it.

The great performance of the framework ensures top results and high functionality of the web applications built with its help. The in-depth experience in providing codeigniter development services and all-round technical expertise makes our team a number one choice for a qualified realization of your project.