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Caroline Ojok
Caroline Ojok about Books

Great Company, Great Communication!
SocialEngineMarket really care about their customers, I can tell by their service. They replied promptly to my emails prior to me making a purchase. After purchase, I had an issue with their plugin, again they were very quick to provide support and the issue was fixed. This is so important when working on a community website, you want a company you can trust, and I trust this company.
Highly recommended!

2017 Apr 07
Josef Fendt
Josef Fendt about Translation Plugin (Widgetized)

Always promt and on service

We like the fast service of socialenginemarket.com. Their Plugins work, and if not, we got always uncomplicated assistance and the problem got handled. Or if it was not the problem of the plugin: a helpful hint was told us. I suggest p.e. the googletranslation-plugin and the roundcube-email-plugin.

2017 Apr 06
Greg S.
Greg S. about Auctions

Flexible, Useful, and it Works

Another great Plugin by an excellent Dev Company. I liked this so much I paid SEM to integrate it into 3 SEAO Plugins. Some great functionality (besides the items they already list here):

- ability to charge (or not) a % or flat fee
- create reviews
- add auctions to your watchlist
- PayPal Adaptive Payments (so there's a split between Site-ADMIN and User (if you choose to charge for Auctions) so that the User pays the transaction charge instead of both Site-ADMIN and User

Just like other SEM Plugins, it's intuitive, easy to setup, and easy to use. Also, SEM listens to suggestions for future functionality and incorporates it (unlike some Devs who haven't updated their Plugins in years - other than for SE version compatibility).

Great support too from SEM. I can't say enough good about SEM - they've worked on my dream project for almost a year and I have been extremely impressed with everything they do. I'm so grateful for SEM. I simply couldn't have done what I needed to without them.

2017 Jan 25
Greg S.
Greg S. about FAQ Plugin

Unbelievably Useful and So Easy to Use

When I first saw this Plugin, it reminded me of the first time I saw sliding doors in minivans in the US - it was a 'duh! such a great idea - why didn't somebody do this sooner' moment :)

This is one of those Plugins that makes a very needed process incredibly simple and quick to setup. You can quickly put very useful info right in front of your Users right where they need it. Although I'm using a tab/sidebar by h2desk for the bulk of the FAQs/Knowledge-base, many users simply don't use it. But when the FAQs are right there in front of them (and they can be customized per page) and look great (accordion) - well, it's just very intuitive.

Great support too from SEM. I can't say enough good about SEM - they've worked on my dream project for almost a year and I have been extremely impressed with everything they do. I'm so grateful for SEM. I simply couldn't have done what I needed to without them.

2017 Jan 25
Greg S.
Greg S. about RoundCube Plugin

Easy way to integrate Emails by a Great Dev!

Another very useful, easy to configure Plugin from SEM. If you're looking for a quick/eazy way to integrate email into your site, then look no further. Although people may argue over which email/Frontend is 'the best', most will agree that RoundCube is one of the top choices. The ability to integrate email into your site is another one of those great User-focused benefits - and it's just a few clicks away. Plus, since it's RoundCube, your Users can do lots with it - including multiple accounts, calendar, tasks and more.

This is one of those great Plugins that:
- keeps Users on your site (why leave to check email when they can simply click inside your site)
- makes the User experience more enjoyable by providing something useful 'right there'
- creates a thoughtful, 'User-centric' experience
- shows that Site-ADMIN appreciates his/her Users and wants to provide a complete experience for them
- offers a lot to your Users with very little work on your part; plug-n-play

Great support too from SEM. I can't say enough good about SEM - they've worked on my dream project for almost a year and I have been extremely impressed with everything they do. I'm so grateful for SEM. I simply couldn't have done what I needed to without them.

2017 Jan 25
Christopher M.
Christopher M. about Steppr

I have engaged SocialEngineMarket to do quite a few custom modifications and installations on my website over the past few months. I find their work is HIGH quality as well as their service.

They seem to handle any request with ease and easily integrate existing technologies such as paypal.

I personally recommend SocialEngineMarket for all your development needs!

-Steppr Admin

2016 Oct 31
Christopher M.
Christopher M. about Marketplace

 Great Plugin, Great Service!! SocialEngineMarket is the best I have dealt with so far.

2016 Sep 15
Greg S.

3 more months in and still loving SEM! I can't say enough wonderful things about SEM. 

I've been a software developer and engineer for almost 30 years, but I'm completely unfamiliar with SE and related Plugin programming. Even though I consider myself quite thorough, SEM has been a blessing by covering all the bases and making sure enhancements function even better than I anticipated.  

Sometimes the ripple effect of a decision on the spec sheet isn't known, but SEM 'sees' the effect. What I also appreciate is that if there's something they are not 100% sure of, they don't mislead you - they actually let you know what they know and what they're not sure of and then take the time to actually determine what the effects are so you can make better-informed decisions.

Sometimes, theres a UI issue that I'm expecting to be a certain way, and somehow SEM makes it even better and more intuitive. It's almost as if they can see in my mind what I want yet can't completely/fully explain it - and they create what I'm hoping for (or sometimes even better/more than that).

Stan and the SEM Team are simply better than I could have even hoped for in a development Team. I'm so grateful and thankful that they're the Team that's working on my dream of a project. I simply can't say (well, write) anough good about what they do and how they do it. GREAT DEV!!!

2016 Aug 05
Greg S.

This is my initial review since I've only been working with Stan and the SEM Team for a few months (my project isn't huge like some SE Admin's projects, but at 350 hours it's not a simple 2 or 10 hour customization either, so I feel this is a reliable review since anyone can do a small project well, but it takes much much more to accomplish perfection as the project size and phases increase).

- Communication is excellent. A day or two at most (and the communication is actually very useful; some devs simply get back to you in a day or two with 'got your email - get back to you soon'; SEM actually makes each communication useful and beneficial to move toward your customization goals)
- Understands SE (and other devs' plugins) very well, and provides excellent suggestions/recommendations
- Very fair with hours
- Very methodical (I can discuss numerous details and if there's one conflicting item they will definitely notice it and question me on it - not overlook it like my other experiences with devs)
- Very thorough
- Honest
- Reliable
- Understands your specs and how they relate and interface with SE and other devs' plugins they're customizing
- Excellent project manager (remembers every detail but in a humble, respectful, not cocky way)
- Patient and doesn't rush you or insult your intelligence. Makes you feel like they are there to help you accomplish whatever it is you're trying to accomplish with SE and other devs' Plugins
- Can almost 'read your mind' to make the correct assumptions, but doesn't just proceed without your approval

I will update this later toward the end of the project, but with most devs there's always been something lacking - but not with SEM. I quite frankly can't come up with anything - not one thing - that I would ask them to do better (actually, sometimes this makes me worried since I'm wondering how any SE dev can be this good: in the smoothness of the implementation, the excellent logical communication, the almost 'graceful' way they handle customer service, etc.). They are like a breath of fresh air here.

I'm quite impressed with SEM so far, and quite honestly relieved to have finally found a dev that I can trust so completely.

2016 May 10
John C.

We've been working with Den and his team over the past 18-months on an App for our SE network (www.bragstats.com). They have done an outstanding job in customizing our app, and have always been very flexible and responsive. Den and his team also provide fantastic customer service and always go above and beyond.

2014 Nov 04