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Jenel L.
Jenel L. about Flowbound

Very good service. does a very good job in a less time than others on here. We really like and appreciate the work they have done for us. ...........Recommended.............

2012 Aug 29
Carlos V.

"Anton, keeps you hostage to the mobile apps he sells and delivery sucks. You are stuck with what he provides and he is VERY SLOW at response. I am super disappointed in his lack of responsiveness and lack of customer service since day #1. I paid for iphone and android apps and it does not fully work with SE4 as you would expect or as described on his website. Once your app is in the app centers, Users will sign up and you dont even know who they are! The app is not fully integrated with the SE feed or many apps correctly or your permissions set in SE. There is no way to control access to people who enter via the mobile app. It took months to fix the push technology; totally not working and he blamed me and my host vs getting the certificate corrects. I honestly dont have anything good to say about my experience with Anton, his company, their approach and all. In fact, I dont think he is the developer of the mobile app and its outsources elsewhere. If you know, let me know who that is, as I would gladly pay to have my mobile app rebuilt by them. BTW, Months ago he said a new release will be ready with fixes I reported during my launch and now he states not until end of year but is now focusing on SE5 mobile development, keeping you hostage, waiting for improvements and doesnt even care about what your experiencing. What infuriates me more is his responses asking me to be polite when he doesnt deliver! If you want to be highly frustrated, buy this, otherwise, I would not waste the time or money and work with the Hire Experts, Radcodes or Social Engine Mobile apps. The only guarantee you will get with Anton is attitude, disregard to your company needs, lack of responsiveness and NO access to mobile app code to perform your own changes; hence you are kept a hostage to your purchase. Anton gets a BIG ""F"" grade for customer satisfaction as far as I am concerned. Dont buy anything from this company, they are a complete mess. "

2012 Aug 24
Tarunesh U.

"Hi ! Dear Friend, I read some of the reviews posted for Anton. I have worked with Anton , at some point I felt he is a bit expensive . But if he works on the project , the work is superb . I made him make corrections for two weeks but he stood by his work , there was immediate reply to mails and querries , delivered a quality work and the support was awesome . He doesnt hesitate or grumbles like other dev . Some dev I met they only work for money and theres no quality work . Anton is a v professional dev and understands his job & responsiblity . I personally feel hes a nice and matured dev to work with . In short : A bit expensive but awesome support and quality work. Looking forward to work again! Best wishes ! "

2012 Aug 19
Oscar G.

I recommend them, i hired the custom welcome page, and i got that i wanted. They are very patient.

2012 Jul 27
Maxwell G.
Maxwell G. about GlobeShift

SocialEngineMarket have very talented developers, good communication, and are patient and work with those who may not know exactly what they want. They were great to work with and would work with them again.

2012 Jul 26
Ian A.

"What more could you ask for?! Bought one of their plugins and found it behaved slightly oddly when mixed with the SE Mobile module... I dropped a quick email to them - they got back to me within a couple of hours and had it fixed and tested within 24 hours. Can't fault it! Compared to some developers, the level of communication is exceptional. Would definitely recommend!"

2012 Jul 05
Daniel about Featured User Stack

This is a really nice and essential plugin for any community unfortunately for those ( including me ) running adult communities it doesn't work because neither paypal or 2Checkout works with adult sites.

2012 Jun 14
Denver W.
Denver W. about WhiteIce LinkedIn style Theme

This is a good theme, I have been using it shortly after it was released as it offered the clean, neutral look I was after. SE Market made a few personal alterations for me to the theme and changed the css on the advance menu plugin quickly, without any trouble and at a good price. All the plugins I use display seamlessly, there were a few minor issues however the company is very accommodating and if necessary offered to fix them quickly. I really like dealing with SE Market as they are very reliable, professional, and easy to communicate with and have always given me excellent service. I totally recommend them, thank you.

2012 May 28
Dan B.
Dan B. about SocialPlus Premium Theme

Anton and his team of Professionals has really shown their ability, talent and Professionalism with my project. I have a heavy customized web site and it really affects developers who aren't accustomed to working with such difficulty. Anton and his team not only installed my new SocialPlus Theme and Circles Plugin but they customized it to work with my current site protocols, IP and aesthetics. My site looks and performs flawlessly. There was considerable amount of custom work needed and The SocialEngineMarket Team went beyond the call of duty. Color changes, Custom Icons, Links, Core language matching, Header, Logo, Custom Sign Up page, Custom Footer and much more. Never did Anton grow impatient or un-professional with me or my staff. I am completely satisfied with the body and quality of work performed on my site and can continue promising my members the highest standard of quality, service and tools to improve and provide the best networking environment. Thank you Anton and Team... Your "TALENT Speaks for ITSELF" To your SUCCESS.

2012 May 15
Kent E.
Kent E. about Welcome Page

Great you to deal with! Looking forward to do more business with you! Great and fast support.

2012 May 03