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Here you may read some reviews from our customers.
Maximilian K.

A great quick and punctual team work , Performance. I will give the Team the highest Notes ! Your MAX

2011 Oct 28
Milton B.
Milton B.

The Integrity of a successful enterprise is great customer service or support. It is imaginable there is still one out there. It is without question the team at socialenginemarket Specially, Den has been excellent. I have been reading some threads about many sites that are having issues. Please do yourself a favor; let the professional like Den do it for you. The service quality is excellent. I am glad to have socialenginemarket as my preferred developer. I thank you very much for the service and continue to strive for excellence.

2011 Oct 28
Ketevan A.

It was my great pleasure to work with SocialEngineMarket crew. Their services are highly professional and Den is a very capable manager who you really can rely on. Dedication to this job, work ethics and the personable way he conducted business was unparalleled - fantastic very talented developers and an absolute pleasure to work with!

2011 Oct 20
Adigüzel K.

Hello world, if you seek professional help, is this really the right company. Here you get more for your money. Friendly, courteous, timely, professional and performance-oriented. Great thanks to the team of SocialEngineMarket for your excellent works. Best Regards

2011 Oct 20
Michael L.

Our company hired SocialEngineMarket to modify the Events plugin. They delivered on time as promised. There were a few minor issues when moving the work from their development server to ours, but Den and his team were more than professional in making sure that everything was finally working as it was on their development server. Yes, I would recommend SocialEngineMarket.

2011 Oct 18
Milton B.
Milton B.

I just got this plug in installed on my site I like the way it looks with the great help of the developer Den. I have it to reflect the theme of my site. I must tell you it was a great pleasure working with Den. He got me to understand certain things that I did know regarding the SE core. He is an excellent developer. I come to understand that he may not have all the glamorous plug in; but he goes a long way to get what you are looking for. He exercised a great a level of professionalism during the final legs of development with this plug in. If you are looking for a unique feel and look at your site, I suggest that you get it by Den to develop a welcome page the way you desire. I hope to see more great plug ins from this developer. Until then happy developing!

2011 Aug 17
William C.

These guys are amazing at what they do. Den is very informative, respectful, prompt, and professional in regards to their services. They do not shaft your work load, or put a delay on it. They will have your project knocked at quicker than the majority of developers out their. I highly suggest these guys, and they get my 5 Star rating. Highly creative, artistic, and intelligent individuals.

2011 Aug 11
Richard R.

We asked socialenginemarket to create a custom widget for our site, everything completed on time and it works exactely the way we wanted. We will definitely contact him for future customazations. Thank you Den.

2011 Jul 15
Norman B.
Norman B.

I am writing this review because I have to say that the group behind this plugin did a great job on the plugin. Its simple, easy to work with and just what we needed.

Furthermore I want to let everyone know that this company will go the extra mile to assist you in making sure the plugin gets installed correctly. When we were installing the plugin we ran into an issue with the activation and one of their engineers took the time to give us two solutions to having them fix it.

I just want to say thank you for a great product and backing it up with great service!

2011 Jul 11
Manuel W.

Everything done right the first time - on time and the widget works just as required - thanks!

2011 Jul 02