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shary c.

"Its my second time with this team and im very happy with the plugin they made and its working on our portal and all users loved it: can be seen at www.fellowstory.com. Will definitely buy their modules in future. "

2012 Apr 24

Themes & plugins are great and the support service is quick and professional. I recommend this developer 100%

2012 Apr 22
Daniel about Dynamic Member Cloud

This plugin is amazing it certainly attracts people when they get to the site.

It will be nicer if admin could chose the members to display by gender and if the script could specified the images size that will help load faster http://gyazo.com/b8e68602804e54bb4f0a8be876ff4c2a.png?1335052402

just my recommendation. PS: I'm getting more sign ups now so its working.

2012 Apr 21
Cynthia B.
Cynthia B. about Circles

I like this plugin. The drag n drop works great. I wish they had a search filter so you could find a person or alphabetize the list of members. Hopefully they will make that improvement. I also wish you could reorder the circles after they were created.

2012 Apr 10
Daniel about SocialPlus Premium Theme

This is one of the best developers I have work with. The theme had a few bugs mostly due to my 3party plugins and they fix them right away. I was really impress by their support and professionalism.
I recommend this company

2012 Apr 06
Francesco P.
Francesco P. about SocialPlus Premium Theme

I had a there new SocialPlus Premium Theme,The team added to my site fast and quick its looks amazing and outstanding. Thank You Guys.

2012 Apr 03
mark w.

"I just wanted to say big thank you for great support you guys have provided for me and my team. I'm very impressed with speed and professional manner which everything was handled. I would recommend this guys to any one who wishes to have that extra on their Social Engine Website. Keep up great work Thanks from all of us at www.Reeamz.com

2012 Apr 03
Edward O.
Edward O. about SocialPlus Premium Theme

Having a great product is just a part of the whole story. Having a great product with EXCEPTIONAL support is a very rare combination. Installation of this template was a breeze. Den and his team has been very helpful and available to answer my questions....Even in the middle of the night!
I am using this theme on my website(http://www.wingley.com) and so can you. Now that you see how beautiful it is, go ahead and buy it. Den will take of you.

2012 Mar 15
Joanna about Home4Dance

These developers are definitely the go to people. I have tried contacting other developers and communication was one of the issues - with SE Market i got responses RIGHT AWAY and that made me as a client feel at ease when hiring someone, let alone in a different country than me.

My project was not the simplest task but they really took their time, asked questions to assure me that it is what i am asking for (very important trait in a company) and fixed anything that i asked for. They are very patient and deliver excellent customer service. I was very skeptical when i had to make a decision on hiring to make customization and i have made the BEST hiring decision for my company.

Anton holds it down when it comes to rapid email responses, never have i felt stranded or confused and in the world of business it is always great to feel connected. We have had a pleasure to Skype with Anton and his detailed questioning and responses to what ever i said came across with care and attention to detail, til this day my brother who was on the Skype call always asked throughout out project how Anton and the project going because he definitely made a great impression with his interest to make sure they did a good job and take care of me.

Touching base on my project, the functionality is 100% complete and i look forward in future project with SE Market and 110% recommend them to anyone, any day. I got to show some love again, i keep getting impressed by this company! They are SO FAST with requests asked for, I am SO HAPPY to have contracted with them. Because there is a 6 hr time difference, i can confidently write any questions or concerns on my time and by the time i wake up - i can guarantee for my questions to be answered, and request to be DONE when i check my email! Too impressed, this company is the WAY TO GO!! Cannot wait for future projects. Thank you SE Market =)

2012 Mar 08
Jeremy M.

I have had the upmost pleasure to work with this company over the past couple of months. During that time we have taken a concept and moved it to complete reality. From the sales team down to the developers the communication between all of us was at the top of the professionalism scale. SocialEngineMarket addressed every line item we set out to create. They took the time to listen and work through every obstacle. My project wasn’t just making an adjustment here or there. They have been able to create a strong and ideal SE4 network based platform. Because of the development team I now have a multi network system will have complete privacy from each other but still have moments of a single large scale content share. I look forward to the custom welcome page as well as the phone applications that in process. To Anton and his development team just a note of thanks and will truly enjoy some years of future work together.

2012 Feb 20