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Matthew C.

We have been working with SEM for the past 4 days and we have nothing but praise for them in all aspects of their work. Their work is flawless and best of all their follow up impeccable. They always confirm exactly what you want in your modification and offer their services at a fair price. We are having more mods done as we speak which Im sure will go smoothly. I will update this when they are complete. We have full confidence in Den's team and recommend them highly to anyone looking for custom work for SE.

2011 Jun 02
marcos l.

"Just purchased a minute ago. Everything went well, The only thing is it must need also other merchant accounts, like 2co or even a merchant gateways like visa,etc.. I only see paypal. Maybe you can improve it soon. Thanks more power! "

2011 Jun 02
Denver W.

I agree completely with Hugh, my experience with SE Market is very good; they are very reliable, professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. Over time I have asked them lots of questions before and after I purchased anything from them and they always responded quickly and were willing to help. Recently I had some changes made to the WhiteIce theme directly on my server and they charged me for two hours work, although it was clear to me that they spent more than two hours actually doing the work. The job by the way was done perfectly. They are very fair and in my experience will do more than is expected of them to make sure you are happy. I am confident that they will, if they have not already; build an excellent reputation for their work and service. Thank you very much guys I am glad you here... My site is still under development at this time:

2011 May 28
Denver W.
Denver W. about Marketplace

I am using this plugin on my site and for the features and price they are asking I think its very good value. It is very easy to install, works well and it uncomplicated to use by members wanting to sell something, I especially like the way you can set up multiple categories and subcategories to list items. I have been looking for an appropriate, SE4 native solution for a members store for a while and for now this fits the bill and I understand they might be developing it further in the future. Yes it is simple, but they say that in the title. One last thing is that their service is always excellent and they have been happy to quote me on customizing this plugin for my needs at reasonable rates.

2011 May 04
sabatidostan h.
sabatidostan h. about FB style Theme

I am shocked this template doesn't have many excellent reviews, because it is a really good one and the support team is fanatical.

I bought an advanced FB theme whcih was designed by another company and it cost me over $90, but it was rubbish and i dont use anymore because it had too many fualts, and the support was useless.

I then purcahsed this theme for $25, the code is written really cleanly, no bugs, everything is working fine, looks perfect on all different browsers, I would definately recommend this one over the advanced one which is full of bugs and problems.

the support team: they are very professional, reliable on replying and helpful to solve my issue, I really liked doing business with.

thank you to the support and desing team.

2011 Apr 21
T B.
T B. about Marketplace

This was very easy to install. Seems to be just a modified classifieds version, but works good. There was a minor bug issue, but very simple for them to resolve. They were very responsive and quick to answer my questions and resolve my issue.

2011 Mar 29
Hugh M.

"I have had some work done by these guys on my SE site and not only were they fast and delivered exactly what we needed, they were very reasonable in cost and to be honest I feel I should reward them more. I will most certainly be contacting them again in the near future and will definately be spreading the word too. They carried out all their work on their own test site then transferred it seamlessly without any disruption whatsoever to our site! I am very pleased and give these guys top marks for every aspect of their service! Well done guys! - hue,"

2011 Mar 15
carmine g.
carmine g. about WhiteIce LinkedIn style Theme

Installed this theme with no problems. As a first se timer. Looks very clean and well worth the money. If you are looking for that clean site look.

2011 Mar 10
Lars S.
Lars S. about HighSky Twitter style Theme

This Theme looks great and works without any issues.

Nice work.

2010 Dec 21