5 Reasons to Cheat on the Popular Social Networks

2016 Sep 23 2690

Social networks are everything. First we used them as an incredible communication tool and just for fun, later we realized that they are great for work and advertising. And email newsletter or psd to html responsive design conversion are defenetily worth implementing to cover even more social networking users. Today we know how to combine all of that useful features and profit. But popular networks are filled with ads and information we just don't care about, that's why we started creating interest-based groups. And finally somebody decided that would be great to have not just a group of like-minded people, but entire interest-based social network!

So let's take a look at 5 facts you need to note when it comes to popular social networks.


Too many friends, too many content. The system works in such a way that you are constantly advised to read some articles and see some pictures you wasn't going to, or even worth – you wish you would never see at all. It happens because your "News Feed" randomly picks stuff your connections were surfing and recommends it to you. And the most horrible is that sometimes you and your connections simply suffer from optimized for viral distribution content, such as "See what this dog will do on 2:34" or "You won't believe it" videos and so on.

Target audience

Well that's good for community user and owner both. For users it's much easier to find people who like the same things and for owners it's much faster to cope with the information and analyze what the audience likes.


Popular networks have a huge responsibility, they have to use such modules and tools which would satisfy needs of any person on earth. Of course owning small custom community does not mean there's no responsibility, quite the contrary. But your advantage is that your community dedicated to certain audience, and the chances to fail while implementing new features or posting some articles are minimal. Look – can you imagine a sword-shaped cursor on Facebook? Me neither, though it would be quite appropriate on, say, Game of Thrones community.


Popular network is a beloved place for scam. There are lots of hackers who have similar websites to Facebook. They send emails to users asking to log in to their account to check some new photos, friend request or something else. When you follow that you enter absolutely similar to Facebook site and don't realize that your personal information is already being stolen. That would never happen with custom community.

You are the Boss

On average on Facebook less than 10% of your followers will see your post in their feeds. Because Facebook revenue is generated when users pay to promote important posts. On your community you own the content and you decide what will your users read.

SocialEngine is aimed to build custom social networks and we are, as social engine recommended developers, here to help you with that. Custom design, development, logo creation, beautiful templates and modules for your site is our passion. Let's cheat on the popular networks together, your dream and our experience is a great combination to start!

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