New Release: Books Plugin!

2016 Oct 26 444

Great things always start small. Our new Books Plugin can be that small idea. With the help of this plugin you can create a real library on your site. That’s like a dream to millions of bookworms all over the world! Imagine uniting these book lovers in one social network, that’s not easy, but with the help of Books you can do it much faster.

Create books, add pictures and organize them in categories. You can like, comment and download books of other users. Write abstracts or add other information about the book with the help of additional fields, which you can create in your Admin Panel. There are views and downloads count on a book page, so you can see which books are more popular. Featured Books widget displayed in the bottom of a book page shows popular books based on number of views.

Take a look at main features of the plugin below:

  • unlimited number of books to create;
  • advanced search;
  • member level privacy settings;
  • additional fields function;
  • grid/row layout;
  • like/commenting function;
  • views and downloads count;
  • featured Books widget;
  • option of creation books right on your feed.

Looks like complete interest-based community and that’s just one plugin! Don’t waste a minute, social engine books plugin is already available in our Marketplace.

Please let us know your comments and suggestions about the product!

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