Auctions Upgrade!

2016 Dec 13 2896

Who would have thought that Auctions plugin could be even more attractive and useful. Recently we've implemented new features that will make your experience with the plugin more interactive and advantageous.

Good news for administrators, now you can enable Website Fee in your admin panel. This means that you'll have an opportunity to get some money or percentage of each sale of your users. Seller gets money for the auction, buyer gets the item, admin gets some fee of the auction - everybody's happy!

Good news for users, now you can add auctions you like to Watchlist and take part in them later. If you like many things from the auction and want all of them, but not sure what to bid on, add them to Watchlist and decide later! Maybe most of the items are potential notorious impulse purchases?

Good news for both sellers and buyers. Now you have an opportunity to rate each seller! Rating will help buyers to make their decision while bidding on any auction, as well as it will help sellers to improve their service and compete with each other.

Also we've fixed some slight bugs, shipping fee calculation and added PayPal test mode setting.

Download the upgraded version for free in the "Purchases" section of your user area or grab Auctions plugin in our MarketPlace if you don't have it yet!

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