Books Upgrade!

2016 Dec 23 2545

Many of you asked if there was an option to sell books, well it became possible!

This was the most common one among your suggestions, so we've devoted the resources to implementing this feature first.

Now you have an opportunity to not only sell and buy books using PayPal but also get some percentage of each sold book as an admin! Just enable Website Fee in your admin panel, enter your PayPal email and set the necessary amount of money or percent you want to charge.

For more interactive and convenient use we've also implemented rating feature. Now you can rate any book and use it while searching for books you might like (most rated). Good rating is also a bonus for sellers, since it will encourage them to maintain the quality and improve some flaws.
And as a bonus book profile is just more beautiful now:)

Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and offers, you're making us better!

If you are a new member of our family and already have suggestions for our products, great! send us your offers and we'll consider them in detail, the best once will be realized in the next versions.

The price remains unchanged, so just download the upgraded version for free in the "Purchases" section of your user area or purchase Books plugin in our Marketplace if you don't have it yet!

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