New Release: FAQ Plugin!

2016 Dec 20 2516

The holiday season is not the easiest time of the year for those who offer goods and services, and time is getting even more precious than usual. No matter how informative your site is, there will always be questions from users. Our new plugin will help you to save some time not only these hectical days but during the rest of the year as well. FAQ is a simple plugin that gives you an opportunity to place FAQ lists on the site.

Let's imagine you have a small online shop. This is the holiday season and you are having a crazy time packing stuff so that every customer will receive their orders before Christmas. You are a little shorthanded but there are still a bunch of questions from the customers about the product you have to answer and even a support agent is involved in the packing process, FAQ will save you some time and potential customers! Just list all the common questions together with the answers to them on some page of your site and keep on doing the job that can't wait.

This plugin is very simple and has just a few features:

  1. Accordion (accordions are useful when you want to switch between hiding and showing large amount of information)
  2. Simple (just list each answer below that question)
  3. Text editor (so you can add images and beautify your answers)
  4. Unlimited FAQ

Little pigeons can carry great messages, right?

You will find more detailed information about the social engine faq plugin in our Marketplace.
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Let us know if there's something you'd improve or change in this plugin!

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