FAQ Plugin

FAQ Plugin
Greg S.:

Unbelievably Useful and So Easy to Use

When I first saw this Plugin, it reminded me of the first time I saw sliding doors in minivans in the US - it was a 'duh! such a great idea - why didn't somebody do this sooner' moment :)

This is one of those Plugins that makes a very needed process incredibly simple and quick to setup. You can quickly put very useful info right in front of your Users right where they need it. Although I'm using a tab/sidebar by h2desk for the bulk of the FAQs/Knowledge-base, many users simply don't use it. But when the FAQs are right there in front of them (and they can be customized per page) and look great (accordion) - well, it's just very intuitive.

Great support too from SEM. I can't say enough good about SEM - they've worked on my dream project for almost a year and I have been extremely impressed with everything they do. I'm so grateful for SEM. I simply couldn't have done what I needed to without them.

No matter how informative, illustrative and well-navigated your site is, there will always be questions from users. Users may have questions about products you sell, membership in your community, cooperation, the rules of conduct on your site and lots of other.

Of course you can always make a post on the feed about any upgrades or answer each member personally but that is quite irrational. If you value your time and time of your users, check out what the plugin offers below.

FAQ is a simple plugin that gives you an opportunity to place FAQ lists on the site. If you have a list of information that will free you from answering lots of similar questions lots of times it is just what you need.

This plugin is very simple and has just a few features:

  • accordion (accordions are useful when you want to switch between hiding and showing large amount of information);
  • simple (just list each answer below that question);
  • text editor (so you can add images and beautify your answers);
  • unlimited FAQ.

Just drag and drop FAQ in Layout Editor of your Admin panel and fill it with common questions and answers. And you are ready to go!

Requirements: SocialEngine 4.0.0+

Tested with: latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.

Please note: plugin is fully capable with all default SE themes and all our themes.

We do our best to make plugin capable with default SE plugin guidelines, but if you use 3rd party or custom theme you may have some minor layout issues due to custom theme css code.

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Email: test@test.com
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Supported SE versions:  4.8.12 - 4.9.4

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