Slider Plugin

This plugin is a great feature for any kind of a website. It gives you an opportunity to create sliders and place them anywhere on your site! If you are looking for the fastest way to show users what you actually offer, this plugin is just what you need.

Why is it useful?

It’s a good advertising and presentation tool, you can place a slider on the home page or any other pages of your community.

Slider Plugin is a great choice for online shops to represent goods or services, nice feature for a community to display users’ photos like a roll of honor or for a dating site, you can use slider to inspire your users by placing holiday pictures to set the mood or just some pictures corresponding to the subject of your community. And there are lots of other examples on how you can use this plugin!

Slider Plugin works as a widget for socialengine website so you can place it anywhere on the site by dragging and dropping it in Layout Editor of your Admin Panel. You can create unlimited number of separate sliders for different pages, add links to slides using HTML text, set different dimensions and display preferences of the sliders.

Slides can rotate automatically or with the help of line or prev/next navigation.

Requirements: SocialEngine 4.0.0+

Tested with: latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.


  • works as a widget so you can drag and drop it anywhere on the site;
  • multiple sliders;
  • function of adding HTML text to a slide;
  • slider navigation bar;
  • dimensions and display preferences of a slider;
  • 15 transition modes;
  • autoplay function.

Please note: plugin is fully capable with all default SE themes and all our themes.

We do our best to make plugin capable with default SE plugin guidelines, but if you use 3rd party or custom theme you may have some minor layout issues due to custom theme css code.

Supported SE versions:  4.8.12 - 4.9.1

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