6 Reasons Why Making Notes is Crucial for Personal Growth

2017 Feb 02 2752

Simple things really have power to change lives and habits. Wonder how to improve your memory, save time and even become better person? Start making notes! Doubt it? Check the 6 reasons below.

Less nerves

Quite often when we realize that there are too much work to do we try to hold that off as long as we possibly can. In fact we have to do this work anyway but for some reason delay it and than going crazy because of doing everything in rush. Writing the tasks down helps reduce stress, since we filter and focus on the main ones and as a result calm down.

No rush - no extra shift

If you make to-do lists you are probably familiar with a situation like this - you've created a to-do list, had a long busy day at work but at the end of the day realized that only a half of your to-do list is completed. It happens because during the day there were lots of little flow tasks that felt urgent, but really weren't. Making notes for this kind of tasks would help you to carefully weigh which task is of the higher priority and don't go over the plan again.

Note evolution

To-do list is an important part of effective time management. And if you always lack time, you probably just don't manage your time properly. If you don't know how to create a helpful to-do list, try to start by creating notes! It works kinda like a simultaneous interpreting - you write down only the main points. Got a new task but working on another one at the moment? Write down short notes to quickly convert them in a proper action plan later.

Happy and organized

As we've already mentioned making notes helps you to improve your productivity and as a result makes you feel better. But there is one more advantage of this - you look good in most people's eyes. It subconsciously gives an impression that you are patient, attentive to details and responsible person. Well, you actually are, right?

Better memory

There are huge amount of ways to improve your memory. Making notes is among the easiest ones. It's scientifically proven that summing things up briefly helps long-term memory.

Finally start

This reason is quite close to the first one. Notes help you to organize your personal everyday chaos. If you have an idea to, say, start attending gym next Monday - write this down. Since, you know, if it is not in writing it did not happen.

As you can see, sometimes small is big. There are many advantages of simple making notes and the reason we've decided to talk about it today is hidden behind the release of our new extremely useful plugin.

So put aside your pencils, pins and stickers, we've prepared something more convenient. Stay with us, new release next week!

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