7 Social Networking Trends

2016 Dec 08 2641

2016 is almost over and it's time to take stock of what became trendy and get ready to meet the 2017 head on.

Live streaming

Videos videos... they are everywhere! Video is an easy and fast source of information, that's why more and more users prefer to watch videos rather than read articles. Next year will be a year of life streaming. Which is seen in growing popularity of Periscope and Facebook Live. Analytics show that by 2019 video content will dominate 80% of Internet traffic.

Artificial intelligence

Looks like far far future, though that's how it goes - chatbots are really changing our conversations. Do you remember the first appearance of Siri? That was quite a bombshell, that was not long ago though we don't consider it a miracle anymore. Artificial intelligence and rise of the robots are coming.

Expiring content

If you still think you'll get hundreds of followers by posting articles few times a day, you are wrong. Expiring content is a trend. When you know the post will disappear you never leave it for late to look through. That's a huge commercial tool, not only a fuss about Snapchat among American kids.

Social media consolidation

Social networking is not just a place where you can talk to your friends anymore. It is now a powerful business tool. Social networking giants realize it completely. And while they acquire each other and merge, small startups have chance to find their place to grow.

Social influencer

Bloggers create content on traveling, food, fashion and thousands of other interests. Their activity resulted in building loyal followers and advocates. They created trust built on certain content.


2016 is a year of advertising in social networks. Sales in social networks will increase. American users of Twitter can already see "Buy" button on the site. Other popular networks also experiment with this feature, so really soon users will be able to buy stuff without quiting the app.


Due to constant data leaks users privacy concerns will peak. That's why more and more people prefer interest-based communities and other ways to keep their communication a bit more private. Some people see safety and privacy in using such platforms as Snapchat. Anyway develop in this direction will be profitable.

So these are the most significant trends of this year. The end of the year is a good time to think about the ways you can develop your business taking them into account in 2017. What do you think of this list, do you agree? What trends you consider more crucial?

Share your thoughts and good like with your business in the new 2017!

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