Updates of iPhone and Android apps

2015 Sep 18 2430

Nowadays, mobile apps are gaining popularity every day. It is a growing and efficient channel of business communication. Since the appearance of smartphones, enhancement of their capacities and development of the Internet, the mobile apps have become one of the most convenient tools for communication, entertainment, business and getting the necessary information.

Mobile apps allow you to quickly post information to social networks, give the opportunity to interact with the websites of different companies and provide an opportunity for continuous cooperation with colleagues and partners. Any essential information can be represented in one application and actualized for a particular person, place and time, that can significantly reduce the distance between company, brand and source of information with a customer, consumer or employee.

From 2011 to the present day SocialEngineMarket modifies and improves iOS and Android socialengine mobile apps for your websites that allow you to attract a large number of users to your SE community. Developing for Android and iOS are the most relevant areas in the development of mobile apps. These platforms are the most popular today. The analysts from ABI Research affirm that by 2016 the mobile apps sector will increase by 90%.

The apps designed by our team allow to cover the basic needs of SocialEngine users. We adapt all the apps to your needs, including both the look and feel, and the functionality.

Our team has done a great job for comfortable and effective work with your mobile devices! We have taken a big step in the direction of mobile development and have released a new version of the app for iPhone and Android. Our best developers have fixed all the errors in the functionality and have tested the apps very thoroughly!

Our team is trying to stick to the simple rules while creating a product:

  • a well-designed product with helpful and, at the same time, easy in use functionality;
  • a product that satisfies your requirements and wishes.

If you have any questions on the use of the application, please contact us, we will eagerly help you! Stay in touch and be a part of the community!

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