2015 Sep 01 2699

Though the summer has come to an end, we continue to please our clients! Time for good mood is just coming because autumn is the perfect season for committing bargains. Right now we have prepared unique and fresh offers for you.

We guarantee you to release new and original products every week. While creating our products, we always take into account new trends, and try to develop an innovative product at the most favorable price for you.

Our autumn special offers give you an opportunity not only to purchase novelties at a good price, but also to participate in the creation of the last Product X.

The special continues during all autumn from September to November! The offer starts on the 1st of September! You have a unique opportunity to make your proposals for the creation of the last special Product X, which is scheduled for the 27th of November. Absolutely everyone can become a participant!

You can make your suggestions on our website by clicking the following link or you can download our free SocialEngineMarket Core plugin, which will appear on our website on the 4th of September. The plugin has a built-in Support function, where you can write your ideas, make suggestions. This will allow you not only to take part in the offer, but also to get acquainted with the new product, the functionality of which was designed by our team specially for your convenience.

The most interesting idea will certainly be applied and we will release your Product X. The author of the most interesting idea will get a reward - 70% discount on any product from the Marketplace, or the Product X completely free of charge. The choice is yours! Also at the end of the offer, all participants will receive coupons for 10-20% discount on our products from the Marketplace.

Schedule of the new products release
04.09.2015 SocialEngineMarket Core
11.09.2015 Member Map
18.09.2015 Scroll To Top
25.09.2015 Admin Tools
02.10.2015 Mac OS Menu
09.10.2015 Photo Quick View
16.10.2015 FAQ
23.10.2015 Books
30.10.2015 Donations
06.11.2015 Auctions
13.11.2015 Advanced Comments
20.11.2015 SEO Tools
27.11.2015 Product X

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