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2016 Nov 15 2550

Everybody wants more users to visit their sites, but not everyone knows how to attract those users. Well first of all every page of your site must be precisely coded. Ecommerce sites often require interface updates, which can be represented by conversion of design files to web. Take an advantage of psd to html service anytime you want to refresh your site with a new design features.

Clean markup is crucial, but what about the insides of the site that are visible to users?

We've already discussed the ways to attract members to a community before, and there are lots of other methods and ways to reach this, so today we'll try to determine what questions of users you have to immediately answer in order to make them stay. Let's look through the most common questions of users and learn how to visually answer them to make your site more effective.

So what is it you are selling?

Users have no time to spare and they definitely don't wish to sit and guess what is it you are selling. Be specific, clear and simple. If your aim is to turn visitors into clients there is no need to be enigmatic.

Why do I need your product?

If a person just passed by your site with no intent to buy something, you have to show him or her how can your product be useful for them, how it can improve their lives, or maybe it will be a good present for their friends and family? Show the benefits of your product, explain why the client has to choose you among thousand of similar businesses.

How much?

Pricing information should be correct and easily accessible, no tricks are appropriate. Don't hide this information though don't either show it up. It all has to be on the right place.

I saw the same stuff on other sites. Why you?

That's an appropriate question, right? To differentiate your company and create brand identity is crucially important. At least share you company's story, be more humanish. Companies that don't have identity and simply don't wish to waste attention to every customer can just post a banner on their site home page saying something kinda "Yeap, we need your money, that's basically it".

Ok. Let's see if I can easily navigate your site..

Nowadays almost everyone can be called an experienced Internet user. We spend on the Internet so much time that some our actions became intuitive, one of which is navigation. We got used that some tabs and blocks are usually placed in certain parts of a website. That's why it is very important to not to be over-creative with such common features. Again, people are crazy fast while surfing the Internet, don't make them mad.

Who are your customers?

In most cases people buy things that are supported with good reviews or recommendations of famous or competent in the field of your business person. Well that's our nature, we need social proof, especially if it comes to buying expensive things. So you have to work really hard on your reviews and earn trust.

There are so many unfair sellers... Why should I trust you?

It's probably the most important. Any cooperation is based on trust. Don't play with it, give more than promised initially, treat your customers' need as if they were yours.

Alright, how can I contact you?

Forget about at least 50% off your potential customers if you don't have a contact information on your site. Seriously. If you don't offer a way to connect with you, you loose trust and authority, besides you look weird and suspicious in the eyes of your users. And that's natural, why in the world would you be doing so, maybe you've got something to hide?

Now you can look at your site, scroll it and check if it answers the questions above..

Done? Is there some gaps you need to work on? If no, well you are awesome, keep on rocking this way. If there are something you think must be fixed, well you are awesome as well, because you care for your visitors. And be sure your visitors will appreciate it and become your members or customers one day. And as for us, if you need help with those fixes you know where you can find us.

Good luck with your project, friend!

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