New Release: Slider Plugin!

2016 Nov 16 2492

What do you think attract visitors of any website? Images of course! Whether you sell goods or represent artworks, if you show the pictures you'll more likely get more attention then if you write an article about your talents or products in stock.

Our new Slider Plugin is the best tool for SE-based sites to arrange it. You can add links to any slide using HTML text field and not only attract attention with a beautiful high quality photo but also redirect a visitor to the page where he or she can buy this thing or read more about it.

Are you an owner of a interest-based community? Great! Create a slider on your home page with some inspiring pictures just for your users! Can you hear the Christmas bells? Awesome! Set the mood, create some snowy cinnamonish slider! Members of a dating community would love to see slider with pictures of happy couples who found each other or nice photos of potential partners pictures of beautiful landscapes will put a smile on face of any member of travel community, and so on and so forth, examples are countless!

So don't waste a single minute, SocialEngine slider plugin is already available in our Marketplace!

!!!ONLY FROM 11/16 TILL 11/21 USE



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Let us know if there's something you'd improve or change in this plugin!

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