New Release: Donations Plugin!

2016 Sep 14 2841

So hope you've enjoyed the previous article and were excited to find out more about the announced product.
And today, as promised, we lift the veils and release our new Donations Plugin!
With the help of this plugin you can make and accept donations on your community using PayPal.

It doesn't mean that you have to manage charity organization to be able to use this plugin. Any community can use this feature!

For example, you are a Canadian young man who wants to study in college, say, in the USA. But you don't have enough money to cover the school fees. Here's the way out you go to your community and create a new entry on the Donations page. Describe your dream in detail, put on a mortarboard, take a smiley selfie and upload it to the entry. Select the date by which you need collect the money, click Save and wait for response. Or here's another plot twist you have money for school but lack a bit for the ticket to the States. The scenario is the same - go ahead and create a Donation for this! Other members of the community will definitely come to the rescue. Perhaps not at once but really soon you will raise the necessary amount.

The main point is to help and connect people by a common idea. Find new friends, help and make dreams come true together with our new Donations plugin!

Let's take a look at the main features of this plugin to sum up:

  • Hassle-free donor giving;
  • zero commission charges;
  • own and manage all your donation data;
  • continually developed and improved;
  • expiration date setting;
  • search by category;
  • safe and transparent.

A new release of SocialEngine Donations plugin is already available in our Marketplace for $39.99 only.

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