We added new opportunities to Circles Plugin

2015 Oct 05 2909

Remember when you first joined a social media network? The first thing you wanted to do was to add all of your friends, family and co-workers. Afterwards, you probably tried to find as many interesting people as you could. Instead of searching through long lists of friends, you can easily use circles, which help to divide them logically.

Our Circles plugin adds ability to organize friends in Circle like in Google+. It keeps usual SE friend lists functionality, but adds good-looking and user-friendly interface of circles.

Bright colors make our lives more fun and cheerful! Communication with our friends and colleagues inspire new ideas!

Your website is boring. From now on it's not.

Our team added a new functionality to social engine circles plugin. Now you can choose the Background and the Border color of Circles (including Empty ones).

From this moment the color of Circles can change. When you add your friends into Circle, the Empty Circle Background and Border Color are changed, and on the contrary, when you remove all friends from the Circle, the Empty Background and Border Color are changed back. You can select your favorite colors using Circles Settings in Admin Panel.

It will definitely make your website more lively! The color box allows you to choose any color you like, from light to dark ones.

Share the right things with the right people, just like in real life.

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