New Release: RoundCube Plugin!

2016 Nov 30 480

Roundcube is a well-known open source webmail software that allows small organizations to offer web based email to its members.

Beautiful newsletter is a core of a successful marketing strategy. To be able to create attractive colorful emails instead of a regular text, they must be first designed in Photoshop. Whereas for starting a newsletter with these emails, they require implementation of psd to email template conversion, which makes them acceptable for web. But what about the ways to receive those emails? To keep your users engaged even such seemingly regular thing as viewing emails must be a pleasant experience as well.

Our plugin gives you an opportunity to take an advantage of all features offered by Roundcube right on your SE-based site. Check your email without leaving the site!

Write emails in plain text or in HTML, select which of your identities will be used while sending an email from your personal email address or a generic company mailbox like "support" or "sales", store important information about your contacts in an address book and lots more features!

Roundcube is an ideal solution for both personal usage and for small organizations who want to offer webmail to its members.


  • available in over 70 languages;
  • drag-&-drop message management;
  • support for MIME and HTML messages;
  • privacy protection;
  • compose messages with attachments;
  • multiple sender identities;
  • find-as-you-type address book integration;
  • forwarding messages with attachments;
  • searching messages and contacts;
  • spell checking;
  • canned response templates;
  • unlimited users and messages;
  • import/export functions;
  • template system for custom skins.

You will find more detailed information about the SocialEngine RoundCube plugin in our Marketplace.

Need help with buying our products and using coupons? Watch a short tutorial HERE.

Let us know if there's something you'd improve or change in this plugin!

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