August updates!

2016 Sep 01 2550

Bye summer, hello new opportunities!

The summer is over, friends. Which means it's a high time to hide suitcases and beachwear and start new projects or upgrade well-loved ones!

We are glad to inform you that our team prepared a set of new products to release this year. Every month we'll be representing new plugins, widgets or templates, moreover special offers and discounts are already waiting for you!

Popular social networks offer too much information, you don't even care about, popular feed and things like that. That's why we build our own communities, where we can read what we like and gather like-minded people.

Our new Zip Code Radius Search plugin is a good tool to search and one more way to stand out among other communities. It will help you to make your network even more targeted.

Guess you already see what's the point, but let's take a bit closer look. Check out an example.

Suppose you want to find some Pokemon but don't want to do it all alone, well you probably need a company. You go to your beloved community, use a search option, maybe a forum or something else. It takes some time and you find few like-minded guys, and you all are so excited to start your idea, but what an unpleasant surprise - one guy from the States, other one from Japan, and one more from England!

Well that's sad. But with the Zip Code Radius Search plugin that would not happen at all.

Here's the scenario - you type a zip code and number of miles to determine the radius and click "Search". That's it. You've found many users in your area, you know they are easy to meet with and definitely some of them want to look for Pokemon as well.

As you can see it's much faster and much easier, and it really makes sense. There are lots of examples like that, if you are about to create some socializing, dating or renting website this plugin is extremely important for you!

Translation Plugin (Widgetized) is the second new product of this month. It contains two translation widgets that allow to translate any text or the entire site into different languages.

These plugin is irreplaceable for those who wish to find friends from different countries and talk to them without a language barrier. It will also work great for foreign language communities, language schools and much more.

As promised these two plugins will be great together - find friends by zip code and communicate without problems, even if you don't know the language!

Both plugins are already available on our socialengine plugins page, you can also find more detailed information about them there.

We'll be happy to hear your comments or suggestions about the new products! Don't hesitate to contact us if there are any other questions.

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