New Release: Anti-spam & Page Not Found Plugin!

2016 Sep 30 769

Privacy is a pressing issue and a real concern of users nowadays. It's hard to imagine modern computer without antivirus installed and of course we all keep on fighting with spam in our email boxes and social networking accounts.

We want to make your experience with SocialEngine as pleasant as possible, so today we happily represent our new plugin - Anti-spam and Page Not Found!

This plugin offers filter and scan functionalities that help administrators keeping their websites clean from spam. It primarily works when someone requests pages that do not exist, though you can use it as a monitoring tool for any spam activity. For example, if some user attacks others with spam messages, they can easily report to you (administrator) about it and you can ban the scammer for some time or even blacklist.


  • IP address banning;
  • limit invalid requests;
  • ban time setting;
  • mode of adding to the ban;
  • different types of email notifications;
  • default or customized theme for page 404.

You will find more detailed information about the plugin here.

As usual impatient for your comments and suggestions!

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