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You no longer have to endlessly scroll the mouse to return to the top of the page or to search the page up button on your keyboard. Instead of this we have created the convenient Scroll To Top widget for your website.

The widget is represented by a button with an attractive design, which will instantly take you to the top of the page by just clicking on it. You will also be able to choose the location and design of the button, that allows to fit perfectly into the overall design of your website.

As soon as you start scrolling the page down, the button will appear and you can easily move up to the top of the page. From now on your site will be equipped with a good navigation. Especially it is useful, if you have too long pages on your website.

UPD: +30 new icons added;

Icon preview added in Admin panel settings.

Requirements: SocialEngine 4.0.0+

Tested with: latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.

Demo user details:
You may login using this account
Password: 111111

Supported SE versions:  4.8.11 - 4.9.1

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