Places / Check In plugin for SocialEngine PHP

Add Places/Check In functionality to your community!

Let your users create places and check in there from the website and their mobile devices easily.

Requirements: SocialEngine 4.0.0+

Tested with: latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.


  • add Place from the Newsfeed directly during check in, or from the separate page;
  • easily check in from the Newsfeed and Place page;
  • share Place pics immediately during check in, and share your check in to Facebook and Twitter instantly;
  • Discuss places and post reviews;
  • Gmaps integration and route to the Place from your current location vidually;
  • organize places into categories;
  • set custom privacy settings for different User Levels, and much more!

Demo user details:
You may login using this account
Password: 111111

Please note: plugin is fully capable with all default SE themes and all our themes.

We do our best to make plugin capable with default SE plugin guidelines, but if you use 3rd party or custom theme you may have some minor layout issues due to custom theme css code.

Perfect match: plugin is completely integrated with our social engine apps, if you purchase our apps, you'll get this plugin completely FREE.

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Supported SE versions:  4.8.11

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