T B.:

This was very easy to install. Seems to be just a modified classifieds version, but works good. There was a minor bug issue, but very simple for them to resolve. They were very responsive and quick to answer my questions and resolve my issue.

Denver W.:

I am using this plugin on my site and for the features and price they are asking I think its very good value. It is very easy to install, works well and it uncomplicated to use by members wanting to sell something, I especially like the way you can set up multiple categories and subcategories to list items. I have been looking for an appropriate, SE4 native solution for a members store for a while and for now this fits the bill and I understand they might be developing it further in the future. Yes it is simple, but they say that in the title. One last thing is that their service is always excellent and they have been happy to quote me on customizing this plugin for my needs at reasonable rates.

Norman B.:

I am writing this review because I have to say that the group behind this plugin did a great job on the plugin. Its simple, easy to work with and just what we needed.

Furthermore I want to let everyone know that this company will go the extra mile to assist you in making sure the plugin gets installed correctly. When we were installing the plugin we ran into an issue with the activation and one of their engineers took the time to give us two solutions to having them fix it.

I just want to say thank you for a great product and backing it up with great service!

Christopher M.:

 Great Plugin, Great Service!! SocialEngineMarket is the best I have dealt with so far.


Quick and easy to work with. The SE Market crew took our direction and delivered. Highly recommended!

Bohuslav T.:

Marketplace and all plugins, mods, even customized are not a problem with these guys. When you have a problem on the site, they will give you the best service ever. Much appreciated their work. Will buy new mods again, i have em all ... i think thats saying it all ...

Marketplace plugin lets you and/or your users sell and buy physical or digital goods right on the site. User level settings give you an opportunity to use it as a simple shop where you may sell some products to your users, or a whole marketplace where users will be able to sell their own products to each other.

This plugin is an extended version of our Simple Marketplace plugin. It includes all old marketplace add-on modules (Shopping Cart, Coupons, Shipping module) and lots of other necessary for online shops features. Check out the detailed description of them below.

Digital and Physical product type

Nowadays we use lots of things we can't really touch, it can be computer games, images, books, audio and video files and so on. Choose Digital product type while creating a new listing to sell this kind of products.

To sell other things choose Physical type. Since Shipping module is included to the Marketplace you can add shipping fee while creating the listing and easily send the item to the buyer.

You can set Shipping fee option in your Admin panel.

Website fee

Admins can set Website fee and charge users for each successful deal. You can set charges fee in USD or %. It will be charged automatically during processing the payment. Users will be informed about the fee on Post New Listing page.


Coupons module is also included to the Marketplace. Create promo codes for your products and give your buyers some discounts or promo offers.


On this page you can create sales and assign them to listings. Those listings will be displayed with a "SALE" mark and a "%" number on the profile photo and their prices will be adjusted according to the sale percent. Set Start/End Date while creating the sale to make it active for the certain period of time.

Grid Type

Row/Grid view of listings on the Browse Listings Page for better visual appearance of the marketplace.

Visual Editor

Make your listings more informative with the help of a new visual editor. Change font style, size and color, add links and much more.


One more brand new feature is Wishlist. If you like some item, but not ready to purchase it yet, just add it to Wishlist and make a decision later.

Also we've added Add to Wishlist and Buy buttons on the Browse Listings page, so you don't have to go to products' profile pages one by one to buy them.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart module is included to the Marketplace and is now more visually attractive and convenient. Cart module includes popup that appears while adding products to the cart, you can also change quantity of items and see total price of all items added to the cart.

Both Wishlist and Cart have nice icons in the upper right of your site, with red number indicators that appear when you add items to them.

Product Rating

Use a 5 star rating feature with an ability to comment to rate some listing. You can filter the most rated products on the Browse Listings page. Also we've added a Most Rated widget, which you can edit in your Admin panel.

Seller's Reviews

You can rate sellers also! Just click Write Review button and a popup will appear on the screen. Leave your feedback and rate a seller with a necessary amount of stars. You can read these reviews on the Member Profile Page (Marketplace Reviews) or on the Marketplace Profile Page (Seller's Reviews).

There's also Top Sellers widget that displays the most rated sellers. You can manage the number of users to display in your Admin panel.

Profile Types

In a new version Custom Profile Types can be created for marketplace, with each profile type having different fields. Association of marketplace categories with profile types enables you to have different custom fields for each category of marketplace.

New page in your Admin panel – Profile Types Mapping. On this page you can assign the categories with a Profile Type.

Requirements: SocialEngine 4.0.0+, Paypal App

Tested with: latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.


  • digital/physical products;
  • shipping module;
  • profile types mapping;
  • search by category, price range, keyword, etc.;
  • email notifications with customizable email templates;
  • privacy settings;
  • PayPal as payment gateway;
  • multiple currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, CHF);
  • website fee;
  • test PayPal;
  • My Coupons;
  • My Sales;
  • shopping cart;
  • wishlist;
  • comments;
  • seller/product rating;
  • user and admin sales reports;
  • list/grid listings view;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • nice minimalistic design.

Please note: plugin is fully capable with all default SE themes and all our themes.

We do our best to make plugin capable with default SE plugin guidelines, but if you use 3rd party or custom theme you may have some minor layout issues due to custom theme css code.

Demo user details:
You may login using this account
Password: 111111

If you have any issues with our plugin and custom theme feel free to contact us to get a free quote on theme customization to look perfectly with our plugin.

Supported SE versions:  4.8.11 - 4.8.17

Additional Services