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In this project we have concentrated on the topic of the site, that is why a clean and simple design concept have been chosen. We've also done a lot of custom development for this site. And implemented slight changes, such as bug fixes and plugin setting.

2016 Jul 31
Logo Design
Web Design

These developers are definitely the go to people. I have tried contacting other developers and communication was one of the issues - with SE Market i got responses RIGHT AWAY and that made me as a client feel at ease when hiring someone, let alone in a different country than me.

My project was not the simplest task but they really took their time, asked questions to assure me that it is what i am asking for (very important trait in a company) and fixed anything that i asked for. They are very patient and deliver excellent customer service. I was very skeptical when i had to make a decision on hiring to make customization and i have made the BEST hiring decision for my company.

Anton holds it down when it comes to rapid email responses, never have i felt stranded or confused and in the world of business it is always great to feel connected. We have had a pleasure to Skype with Anton and his detailed questioning and responses to what ever i said came across with care and attention to detail, til this day my brother who was on the Skype call always asked throughout out project how Anton and the project going because he definitely made a great impression with his interest to make sure they did a good job and take care of me.

Touching base on my project, the functionality is 100% complete and i look forward in future project with SE Market and 110% recommend them to anyone, any day. I got to show some love again, i keep getting impressed by this company! They are SO FAST with requests asked for, I am SO HAPPY to have contracted with them. Because there is a 6 hr time difference, i can confidently write any questions or concerns on my time and by the time i wake up - i can guarantee for my questions to be answered, and request to be DONE when i check my email! Too impressed, this company is the WAY TO GO!! Cannot wait for future projects. Thank you SE Market =)