5 Powerful CMS to Build Your Own Social Network

2018 Jul 05 496

One day social media channels blew into our lives with all their flaws and goodies, and changed them forever. In several years they quickly evolved into a separate field of knowledge, business and entertainment. We use them to chat with people from different parts of the world, play games, even earn on them.

Together with massive monetization opportunity, such a popularity had given rise to the expansion of custom social networking software development. Which is natural, because of more personal and cozy approach of such social networks.

Some people just need a community of like-minded people to spend time online. Nowadays there are quite a few platforms for building of robust and unique communities. Below we will consider five of them.


SocialEngine CMS

The positions on the market of SocialEngine PHP platform is stably high for a few years already. It allows building a really robust community, almost like Facebook and other giants.

By the way, it also smoothly integrates with many of popular social channels. Except for regular interactive functionality, you can avail of the recently released fully responsive theme or create a mobile app for the site.

It has a large community of dedicated developers who work on creation of new plugins, themes for socialengine platform and customizations for the websites. Highly-customizable and user-friendly structure, are a few reasons why SocialEngine won the “Best Social Network Software” for three times in a row.


Oxwall CMS

It's a PHP/MySQL community software platform that is well-known for its flexibility and smart CMS. Oxwall includes all necessary default plugins to extend the social functionality of a network.

It’s easy to manage and convenient in use. That is why it is greatly appreciated by admins and users alike, which made it people's choice award 5 years ago.

Oxwall offers plenty of plugins that you can add to the site for personalization. Apart from additional functionality, there are such useful features as multimedia content sharing between members, banner ad management and much more.


Pligg CMS

This CMS has been created from a blank sheet through assistance from lots of independent contributors. Its distinctive feature compared to other competitors, is that all engaged in the community users have control over content.

The software is completely free and it offers a great many of addons, templates and extensions.

Among interactive features it offers, voting for posts is the most special one. Those posts that gained the highest number of votes is automatically displayed on the Home page of a Pligg-based website. Due to a constant feedback of an impressive community of supporters, it is always timely maintained and updated.


PhpFox CMS

One of the biggest advantages of this software is its monetization and marketing options. Along with functional capabilities, PHPFox is pretty simple to beautify.

With the help of WYSIWYG editor and multiple design templates, it allows creating a unique interface of the potential social network.

PHPFox is not the cheapest one to come up with (up to $600), but its developers offer a demo that you can use to test the performance before purchasing it.


BuddyPress CMS

It's a free platform with a similar flawless frame structure as WordPress, that provides various opportunities for customization. With its help you can build a WordPress-powered social network, that would include a default set of all necessary features and addons.

If you already run a WordPress site and think on the creation of a social networking community for your users, BuddyPress is definitely the best base for it.


There are many opportunities to create your own social networking site, lots of amazing platforms and talented programming professionals to help with it. SocialEngineMarket is one of the top recommended SocialEngine Experts.

So if you find SocialEngine the most appealing software from the listed above, this team of developers is a good choice to rely upon. They provide a wide variety of ready-to-install addons, as well as all kinds of customization work for SE-based communities. Check it out for yourself https://socialenginemarket.com.

Branded communities and interest-based social networks become more and more favored. They are more dedicated and don’t have that much unnecessary content and annoying advertising banners, as popular channels do. So, choose the right CMS and experienced developers, and get ready to offer your audience exclusive engagement.

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