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Create branded native mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that seamlessly integrate with your SocialEngine based website

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  • Give your users an ability to communicate with each other from wherever they are: view/sent private messages (with PUSH notifications from now!), join events and groups...
  • ...check in places users are now and add new own location to check in!
  • Browse photos, videos, groups and events, view current friends and find new using Browse Members.
  • Take a photo and share on the fly! Photo and video uploads directly from mobile device.
  • Promote your website as mobile social network: users may create new account from the mobile device, fill in their profile, upload profile picture and become active member of your community!
  • Preface

    The world is going mobile. Our company analyzed the market trends and indexes of mobile usage all over the world and decided to start a new technical era of SocialEngine usage. Starting 2011 SocialEngineMarket started a new inbox product development - iOS and Android Applications for SocialEngine based sites and keeps the leader's position on the market since then. The App covers basic needs of SocialEngine users and allows them to communicate smoothly through SocialEngine via their smart phones. The very first release of the App dated Autumn 2011. The product became very popular among SocialEngine site owners and users. Every app could be customized upon customer needs, both layout and functionality.

    New release

    Are you wondering what is this new release about? Check this out.
    We've added most popular and most requested features in our second release of iOS and Android app. Now the usage of the App became even more friendly to end users and admins of SocialEngine sites. The demo will be available starting March the 31st 2012.


    • Adding more users to your SE community via iOS or Android Application
    • Augmentation of users presence within your community as they can access it from wherever they want using their phones
    • Customize the layout as you wish
    • Inbox features + ability to order custom features for your App directly from the software development company that created the original App
    • Users can access the SE community both through the web and mobile phone
    • Immediate updates
    • etc.


    The iOS and Android Apps are targeted to change and improve the logic of how current SocialEngine communities work. You can still stay with the web version and use the app on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. Communicate with your friends/collegues any time you want to. Stay in touch and be a part of the community!

    SEM speaks:

    "We are happy to provide our customers with the best SE solutions nowadays. The App itself is a new tool for SE communities and businesses that attracts new users for our clients and makes them feel more comfortable. We build a constant dialogue between us as service providers and clients that point out what features are most valuable in the future. I personally believe that this way of making business will broad horizons both for us and our clients".

    Anton Pashchenko,

    "It has been a long way to find and use most modern technologies and apply it in our App structure. We're now sure that we use the best solutions these days to make SE Apps work correctly and smoothly with all SE communities and on all devices. We plan to constantly upgrade the App in further releases with new features and technologies. Stay updated about our new ideas and share yours".

    Den Shchotkin,

  • Get native iPhone and Android apps for your website now!


       iPhone native app   $299.99
       Android native app   $299.99
       Both iPhone and Android apps   $499.99



       iPhone native app   $99.99 setup fee and $59.99/monthly
       Android native app   $99.99 setup fee and $59.99/monthly
       Both iPhone and Android apps   $159.99 setup fee and $99.99/monthly


    Your website access details (required for app installation and configuration):

    Your Apple developer account and/or Android developer account access details (required to add your app to AppStore and/or Android Market):

    Would you like to customize your version of app? Please let us know:

    Before placing your order please check our demo apps and read out Terms of Services carefully. Apps you're purchasing have completely the same features as our demo apps have. Placing this order you confirm you agree with our Terms of Services.
  • How It Works

    1. Purchase Apps here;

    2. Enroll into the iOS Developer Program if you don't have an account yet: http://developer.apple.com/programs/ios/;

    3. Register as Google Play developer if you don't have account yet: https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup;

    4. Prepare an app icon (i.e. your logo) with 512x512 px resolution and App Title, Keywords (up to 100 characters) and Description;

    5. Provide us with your website credentials, and all the information listed above;

    6. We complete the submission process to AppStore and Android Market marketplaces.

  • Check our free Demo apps:

    iPhone App:SocialEngine iPhone app
    Android App:SocialEngine Android app
  • Features

    Both iPhone and Android apps

    • Intuitive easy-to-use interface;
    • Badges and PUSH notification about new messages;
    • GEO-location check-in feature;
    • PUSH notification mass sending from Admin Panel.

    Integration with your SocialEngine based website

    • User sign in and sign up;
    • Edit profile and upload profile pic from device camera;
    • Browse members and friends, viewing profile including profile fields, wall and user data;
    • Private messaging with chat-like conversations;
    • Support of Groups, Event, Albums and Videos native SE plugins.

    Mobile Apps Admin Panel

    • Real-time layout customizations;
    • Change colors at any moment;
    • Upload new logo;
    • Send PUSH notifications to selected Profile types and/or User Levels.

    Check-in feature

    • Integration with our Places plugin (free if you purchase apps);
    • Ability to create place (using device GPS to determine location);
    • Find the place using radius search and check in existed places.

    SocialEngine Native plugins support

    • Events (browse all or user's events, create new event, view event, RSVP);
    • Groups (browse all or user's groups, create new group, view group, group members, admin may send message to all group members);
    • Albums (browse all or user's albums, create new album, view photos, upload photos from media library or take a shot using your camera directly from the application);
    • Videos (browse all or user's videos, watch YouTube and Vimeo videos, add YouTube or Vimeo video, upload new video from your device media library or record a new one using your camera directly from the application).
  • References

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to get Apps online?

    We submit apps within 7 business days after you provide us with all required data. Android apps appears in Google Play immediately after submission. Apple review all apps and this process may take up to 14 days or sometimes even more. We can't influence on this process.

    How will my app be delivered?

    Basic features of apps are described below. iPhone app also includes AppStore submission service, so we will submit the app to AppStore for you to avoid additional delays during submission process and to make sure that the app passes all verifications successfully.

    Android app will be delivered as .apk file. You may upload it to any marketplace by yourself (we may submit it to Google Play if you wish) or just put the link on your website to download. We do not sell app source codes, so you get binaries only and not sources.

    Will the app fit my website layout?

    All apps include basic customizations to fit your website. We may change basic colors, background, put your logo, change header colors, etc. This customization does not include changing any funtionality, forms, field sets, etc. It’s just an overall style to make your app look like a part of your website. As another option we may customize your app, add more features, etc. to fit your needs. If you're interested please feel free to contact our sales department and get a free quote.

    I have a customized SE core. Will the app work with it?

    We have server-side part for our applications which we'll need to install on your SocialEngine website. If you did not changed SE database structure app will work fine. This server part is not a mod to SE, so you'll be able to update your SocialEngine without any issues.

    Important: this version of the app works with Local storage only. So if you're using Amazon S3 or another storage type for your SocialEngine, app will not work smoothly. We're working on other storage type support, as well as other plugins support, etc. In the meanwhile the current version is working with Local storage only.

    We may ask you to open some server ports to make PUSH notifications work, so this feature may not work if you're using shared hosting. It' not a problem on VPS and VDS (and actually some shared hostings too).

    I need more features, is it possible to add them to the app?

    If you would like to create custom versions of apps, i.e. free app with limited functionality and full-featured paid app, we may customize the app to fit your needs. Kindly contact our sales department.