Premium Package

Why would I get Premium Package?

Premium Package is the best choice for flourishing actively developing site. It includes all kinds of services you might need for its stable and flawless work.

What do I get?

Premium Package includes:
- any kind of development work (custom development, plugin update, new features for your site, upgrade, markup, modification, etc.);
- website optimization (bug fixes and speeding up);
- SocialEngine upgrade (plugin installation&setting, website technical support, 3d-party plugin issues fixes);
- any kind of design work (custom design, redesign of existing sites and features, logo, icons, banners creation, landing page design, etc.);
- 25% discount on any products from our Marketplace;
- 25% discount on iPhone and Android apps creation.

Why do I save?

Out hourly rate is $30 but for Premium Package we reduce the price and make it as low as $23/hour!

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