Advanced Package

Why would I get Advanced Package?

If your site is quite fresh, maybe already active, but you are about to keep on developing and upgrading it, Advanced Package is like must-have for you.

What do I get?

Advanced Package includes:
- any kind of development work (custom development, plugin update, new features for your site, upgrade, markup, modification, etc.);
- website optimization (bug fixes and speeding up);
- SocialEngine upgrade (plugin installation&setting, website technical support, 3d-party plugin issues fixes);
- any kind of design work (custom design, redesign of existing sites and features, logo, icons, banners creation, landing page design, etc.);
- 10% discount on any products from our Marketplace.

Why do I save?

Out hourly rate is $30 but for Advanced Package we reduce the price and make it as low as $25/hour!

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